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Research Fields

LiCool Materials Tech Ltd.

LiCool Materials Tech Limited is the first spinoff of MuCSLab in Hong Kong. The team is headed by Prof. Jinglei Yang, and Dr Shanmugam Logesh looks after the operations. The team has more than 10 years of experience in providing solutions to the real time industrial problems.

LiCool is committed to providing solutions to light-weight electric vehicle with hybrid fiber-metal laminate composite and thermal management system with microencapsulated phase change materials. The team brings an innovative microencapsulation technique for flame retardant material, self-healing material and phase change material. The team devotes to providing solutions to different sector from aerospace to automotive, construction materials to functional textiles. LiCool provides solutions to the lightweight and thermal management problem by its own material innovations.

CEMAR uCap Team

CEMAR uCap Team is dedicated to the synthesis of phase change materials (PCM) and self-healing anticorrosive materials based on the microencapsulation technologies, accelerating the scale-up process and technology transfer.

Various types of PCM used as core components of microcapsules are wrapped by inorganic shell materials with low reactivity. The heat exchange induced by phase change process enables PCM microcapsules to automatically store energy and adjust temperature.

Similar to the automatic healing of human skin after an injury, when subjected to unexpected forces, the core material of self-healing microcapsules inside the anti-dust coating will flow out instantly to initiate the repair of cracks, which protects the substrate from further corrosion.


CoaloT team is committed to developing multifunctional nanocoatings collaborated with IoT technologies for smart buildings under supports from SSC and BGF funds.

The superhydrophilic self-cleaning and thermal insulation nanocoating developed by MuCSL research group integrate the world’s leading multi-size particles synthesis technique and unique inorganic-organic hybrid bonding technique.

These two nanocoatings are mainly applied on glazing materials to provide them with durable self-cleaning or heat shielding property in a smart passive way. Our nanocoatings can effectively escort the construction of new energy sources, maintain the beauty of the city, and promote the sustainable development of society.

HKUST uCap Team

HKUST uCap Team is aiming to innovate breakthrough microencapsulation techniques for diverse active ingredients, which are vulnerable at ambient condition or of high significance when being encapsulated. Shell properties and core compositions are tunned to meet multiple standards. This offers both technical opportunities in a variety of engineering areas, such as self-healing, self-reporting materials, laten curing agents, thermal management systems, and pollution treatment, and academical merits for studies like nonaqueous interfacial properties and reactions in a heterophase system. Single-microcapsule mechanical properties are also investigated to explore the unique liquid-filled core-shell structures, as well as provide expectation and guidance for actual microcapsule packaging and manufacturing process.


Weshare X-tray team is an innovation team works on robotics and Internet of Things. Our research area contains sensor network, hardware wireless communication, circuit development, software development and machine learning.

Based on the pain points found in our research life, we combine sensors and software systems together, building up lab IoT system for data collection and smart management. We are dedicated to developing an effective lab environment and find more interesting facts in research.


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We welcome outstanding candidates from diverse scientific backgrounds and visitors from other universities throughout the world to join us. If you are interested in becoming a member of our team, please send your CV and a brief introduction.

Graduate Students We provide limited positions for new Ph.D. / M.Phil students. For interested and competitive candidates, please send us an email with your CV, ranking & transcript.

Postdoctoral Fellows and RAs We provide open positions for competitive Postdoctoral Fellows and RAs. Applicants should have a Ph.D. or Master degree in related areas. Please send an email describing your interests together with your CV.

Undergraduates We welcome undergraduates who intend to do UROP, FYP, or summer intern in our team. Please drop us an email together with your CV, transcript, and a brief research statement indicating your interest.